ATM/Debit Card

Convenient, convenient, convenient.MCAlogo

That's how we describe our ATM/VISA® Check Card. Our ATM/VISA® Check Card enables you to conveniently access your cash 24 hours a day, seven days a week at ATMs around the world. You can use our card at any ATM displaying the PLUS, NYCE and VISA® network symbols. We are now a proud member of Maine Cash Access for more than 170 surcharge free ATMs throughout the state. Click here to download a complete list of Maine Cash Access ATM locations.

In addition, you can also use our VISA® Check Card to purchase items at any store displaying the VISA® logo. The cash for the debit purchase is conveniently taken directly from your NOW Checking Account.

Avoid the hassle of writing a check - use your VISA® Check Card instead!

Existing Aroostook Savings & Loan NOW Checking Account customers can fill out the form found here to apply for your FREE ATM/VISA® Check Card. If your card is damaged, please call 207-498-8726 during regular business hours to request a replacement card.

Lost or Stolen ATM/VISA®Check Card:
To report a lost or stolen ATM/VISA® Check Card please call 207-498-8726 during regular business hours.